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mosquito net

Mosquito Nets

Quality mosquito nets impregnated with permethrin for maximum protection from mosquitos and other insects.

Jet Sox

Graduated compression socks for travel, which greatly reduce your risk of swollen ankles and tired aching legs associated with flying.


Effective pressure-reducing earplugs design to improve comfort while flying. These reusable earplugs slowly balance cabin pressure changes that can cause ear pain and discomfort, as well as reducing noise.


Tropical strength repellent with active ingredient D.E.E.T, specifically formulated to repel insects in the toughest conditions, for those requiring heavy duty protection and long exposure times.
gastro kit

Gastro Kit

Contains five medications for self-treatment of diarrhoea and vomiting where medical help is not accessible. Medications in this kit can only be supplied directly by a doctor (available only on consultation with a travel clinic physician).
debugger box


Enables you to treat any material with permethrin for maximum protection from mosquitos and other insects. Suitable for treating clothing, nets, bed sheets etc.

Pocket guide/International certificate

As part of your travel consulatation, you will receive the very popular Traveller's Pocket Medical Guide and International Certificate of Vaccination. This is Australia's only travel health guide to include an International Certificate of Vaccination recognized by the WHO (World Health Organisation).The handy combination 2-in-1 pocket guide records all your vaccination details and prescribed medications, as well as offering practical, comprehensive, travel health advice. Complimentary as part of your travel consult with Doctors Tasmania.
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