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It is the values that underpin Doctors Tasmania that makes us different. We take a holistic approach to medicine and preventative healthcare where we value learning above prescription. This means giving you more advice, information and support so that you can improve and manage your own health.

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Doctor Availability

We all realise the importance of routinely seeing your own doctor. As a Family Practice clinic we make a special effort to ensure your doctor to be available to you.

If you can't get to see your doctor on the day you call and if you have a GP related emergency, a child is sick or you feel unable to wait, another of our doctors will be happy to see you.

Please ask your receptionist.


Our standard appointment system, allows approximately 15 minutes for a normal consultation. Your consultation may need to be longer for particular procedures, for instance, a full medical examination, pap smear, dive medicals, skin assessments, travel consultations or multiple problems. Please check with our reception staff to ensure that appropriate time is allocated to your appointment.

An appointment is necessary for referrals and medical certificates. Medical certificates and insurance forms can be completed during a routine consultation. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call and cancel. This allows us to schedule another patient who may otherwise be asked to wait.

Patients who fail to attend will be charged $30 for a single appointment, and $50 for a double appointment.

Our doctors do endeavour to keep to time, but emergencies do happen. If are delayed and are unable to stay, please talk to the reception staff about rescheduling your appointment. Sick children will always be seen on the day and/or referred appropriately for specialist review.

Management of Health Information

Privacy issues are a major priority of this practice. Your medical record is a confidential document. Information concerning patients is not released without appropriate individual authorisation.

Your Rights

We always appreciate your feedback and advice on how we can improve our practice and services. If our service does not meet your expectations, we would like to know. Feel free to tell your doctor, nurse or receptionist about your concerns.

You may prefer to write to us, in which case please address your letter to 'practice partner' at GPO Box 1929, Hobart 7001. In addition, please also call the manager direct in the surgery to follow up your letter. Open and direct communication helps resolve any issues quickly.

However, if after our responses you are still unsatisfied and you wish to take the matter outside of the surgery there are several options available including writing to the Medical Registration Board or the Health Care Complaints Commission.

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